A Day Trip to Quilotoa Lagoon

Quilotoa Crater Lake in Ecuador

Quilotoa Lagoon.

Do not recommend.

Never again.

Here’s the thing about my day trip to Quilotoa Lagoon in Ecuador: it was not a pleasant experience.

Our group reached the site and started the hike down to the crater lake. The guide said the hike down would take about 40 minutes to an hour, and I got down in about 45 minutes. This hike down wasn’t difficult, but some areas sloped more than others. I had to keep my knees bent while walking, and I was so worried about falling despite wearing hiking boots. There were a lot of people walking in both directions, and we also had to share the path with several stubborn mules and their poop.

The landscape during the hike down was stunning despite it being a hazy day at the site. Quilotoa is a dormant volcano in the Andes Mountains that had eight major eruptions in the past 200,000 years. The last eruption  was over 700 years ago and created the impressive caldera that is now filled with greenish water.

Once I reached the bottom of the lagoon, I was able to see more of the lake’s greenish color. A few people were jumping into the lake, while some others were kayaking. The water was cold, so only the wild and crazy teenaged boys were jumping into the lake. I took a seat on the bench to absorb it all, but not much time passed before I needed to head back up. One of the unfortunate points about booking a tour is that I didn’t have the time to explore at my own leisure, so I felt rushed. There wasn’t enough time for me to let it all sink in. Continue reading

Peru Won My Heart

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Peru, yet here we are. February was one of the worst months to visit certain areas of the country due to rainy season, but I booked the flights prior to knowing. When I discovered this, I got concerned. My research originally told me that it would be the perfect time to visit Lima, the only Peruvian city I planned to visit at the time. I later added some extra time to my visit, and was able to get to Cusco and Aguascalientes. Would you believe that I only experienced five minutes of rain my entire trip? The travel gods were on my side! Here were some of my highlights.


I didn’t have a bad meal in Peru. My notable favorites were Arroz con Mariscos and Ceviche at Cafe Morena in Cusco, and churros at LA73 in Lima. I had coca tea with every meal in Cusco because I was concerned with altitude sickness, but I transitioned to pisco sours with every meal once I reached the lower altitude in Lima! I enjoyed chifa (Chinese cuisine with a Peruvian twist), but I didn’t have the nerve to try cuy (guinea pig).


In Lima, I booked a street art tour of the Barranco neighborhood with Tailored Tours Peru. Brenda was a bright and fabulous guide who knew the history of the street art and the artists that completed the work. We wandered around Barranco, a hip neighborhood with bohemian vibes that some refer to as Lima’s Brooklyn. I loved the energy of the neighborhood and the art surrounding it. It was where I chose to stay in during my visit, and despite feeling safe while there, Barranco is still in progress. We witnessed a fight on one of the streets involving about three men and a woman, and a woman walked out of her home to make sure we knew to be careful with showing off our camera.

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A Quick Trip to Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe carnavalI won’t lie. Guadeloupe wasn’t on my radar at all. I was looking for something to replace my cancelled group trip to Haiti when the opportunity to visit the butterfly-shaped country came along. I spent a short time doing some preliminary research on it’s safety, how easy it was to navigate, and how expensive it would be to visit. Once I was comfortable with the information I received, I booked.

Guadeloupe is a part of the French West Indies, and is made up of several islands. Because of timing, I only visited Grand Terre, but I would love to return to visit other islands in the country – especially Basse Terre for the hiking and waterfalls.

My first day began early as I departed my Airbnb in Le Gosier and headed to Pointe des Châteaux, located at the southeast tip of Grand Terre. It was raining lightly when I arrived, which may have been the reason why there were so few people around. I didn’t expect any crowds, but I imagined that there would be more than a handful of other people. By the time I got out of my rental car and crossed the street to begin the trek to the hilltop, the rain had stopped. I reached the hilltop quickly and captured some of the most breathtaking views.

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Departing Pointe des Châteaux, I drove to St. Anne based on the recommendation of my Airbnb host. Apparently St. Anne beach is the place to be on Sundays, as the locals and tourists like to party all day long. I stopped at a local grocery store to purchase a baguette, cheese, and ham for my lunch on the beach, then found a spot at the beach to relax. I may have had Pointe des Châteaux mostly to myself, but that beach was full of French tourists and their Speedos. Although beautiful, St. Anne’s beach was a bit too touristy for me that day.


After baking in the sun for a few hours, I walked from the beach to the main road for the biggest event of the day – one of many parades that lead up to Carnaval. Undeniably, this was the highlight of my visit. Groups from all of the islands flocked to St. Anne for this celebration, and I can only imagine the energy on the day of Carnaval. The costumes were beautiful, the music was blasting, and everyone was having a great time. The parade went beyond nightfall and the party continued to Pointe-á-Pitre. Instead of following the crowd to the country’s largest city, I called it a night and headed back to Le Gosier.

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The next day began with a drive northward to Petit-Canal. Here was Les Marches Aux Esclaves, the March of Slaves. The monument commemorates the permanent abolition of slavery, but no current evidence can confirm that slaves walked from the slave ship and up those steps. The scene was powerful nonetheless. From the top of the steps, one can view the ocean just a short walk away.

DSC_0082March of Slaves

In my travels across the Americas, I find it interesting that damn-near every nation abolished slavery years before the United States did. Guadeloupe abolished slavery in 1794, but it was reinstated in 1802, despite a strong fight against the French by Louis Delgrès and his troops. Slavery wasn’t permanently banned there until 1848, but that’s still decades earlier the U.S. There location has a bust of Louis Delgrès to honor his fight against the French.


On the way back from Petit-Canal, I came across a fascinating site – Cimetière de Morne-à-l’eau. This was a black and white, checkered cemetery near a roundabout in Morne-À-l’Eau, and I had to pull over because I had never seen anything quite like it. It was beginning to rain, so I snapped a few photos and headed back to my rental car.

Cimetière de Morne-à-l'eau

I made my way to Pointe-á-Pitre to stroll the streets and grab some dinner. The streets were narrow and it took me a while to find a parking spot. I eventually found a spot next to a man selling musical instruments made from a conch shell. Vendors in the main square were selling fresh produce, fish, and spices. I browsed the small shops selling clothing, shoes, and souvenirs. A few locals tried to start a conversation with me, but my French is nonexistent, and Google Translate was to much of a burden to even try to use. I just smiled.


I noticed newly-opened Mémorial ACTe, a contemporary museum that focuses on the slave history of Guadeloupe and its indigenous peoples. It was closed that day, but I would have loved to visit. Overall, I left unimpressed with Pointe-á-Pitre, and relieved by the fact that I chose not to purchase lodging there. There was no particular reason for me to have those feelings, but it felt more lifeless than St. Anne or Le Gosier, despite being the biggest city.

The following day began lazily. It also ended lazily because that’s what one does on a gorgeous island. I lounged around my Airbnb for a while and chilled outside in a hammock before deciding to drive to the marina for a leisure stroll and lunch. Not to much was happening there, so I grabbed a few snacks, thought about going to the beach, decided against it, and headed back to my Airbnb for more hammocking.


My only regret about Guadeloupe is that I didn’t stay longer. Because the country wasn’t on my radar, I was unaware of the greatness that awaited me on the small island. A second visit is needed for me to spend more time gallivanting across each of the islands, and I would love to do it during Carnaval week.


Montreal: A Failure

Notre-Dame Basilica in MontrealMontreal was… let’s just say I need a do over. I believe it’s a great city, but things didn’t go well for me. My intentions were to check out the street art scene and stroll aimlessly through the neighborhoods – stopping whenever something caught my eye. But, it was a cold weekend in early November. The weather was supposed to be a bit warmer and more tolerable for my Louisiana blood, but Mother Nature had jokes that week. I wasn’t interested in being out in those below freezing temperatures, yet a lot of the things I wanted to do involved being outside.

Well, uhhh, what was I going to do now?!

I spent half of my first day buying supplies that I failed to pack in my luggage – a lock for my locker at the hostel, an adapter for my headphones, and a hat to keep the wind from blowing in my ears. Since I was in the area, I decided to walk up Mont Royal to get some of the best views of the city. That probably wasn’t the best decision for my current physical shape, which is the worst shape of my life. Honestly, I’m just a hot mess in every aspect of my life. I somehow made it to the top after taking several short breaks and allowing the various other tourists to pass me by. This trek was worse than when I was sick at Teotihuacan. The cold and windy weather didn’t help at all, and I wasn’t wearing gloves for some idiotic reason. Add that to the fact that I didn’t have any water with me, and I had only eaten a slice and a half of toast earlier that morning. Again, it just wasn’t my best idea. Continue reading

Dating Chronicles: Cancer

Troy* was a Virgo and overanalyzed everything. He was the type that would sit in bed at night and think of ways to seek revenge or manipulate a person while the potential victim was sleeping well without a second thought of him. At the time, he was my FWB, but I began to discern that he wanted more. I wasn’t interested in a relationship, and even if I was, he wouldn’t be the one. Besides consistent penis, Troy had nothing of value to offer. There was nothing that he could have done to make my life better, so there was no point in him taking up space in it as a boyfriend.

He suggested that we start dating, and I politely declined while wondering how I allowed him to think he had a chance. Now that his emotions were clearly involved, I decided to cut him off as an FWB. He came over for one final session. We were bed afterwards, and I was waiting for him to leave. Instead, he got depressed.

“So this is it?” he asked lightly. I shook my head yes. After moments of silence and me wondering what time he was planning on leaving, he revealed, “I have something that I’ve been wanting to tell you.” His voice was cracking in the process of him saying it.

My mind immediately goes to STDs, but we’ve protected ourselves, so then I began to think he was full of shit and stalling the end of our FWB situation.

‘I have cancer,” he proclaimed. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Menstrual Cups

menstrual cup
Let’s talk feminine hygiene.

I finally got with the times. I was one of those ladies who began wearing tampons later than everyone else. Pads were my go-to for many years, then I made the transition. Then I discovered organic tampons and pads, and that started a new wave for me. Now, I’m trying the DivaCup.

There are two versions of the DivaCup. Size 1 is for women who have not given birth or are under the age of thirty. Size 2 is a bit bigger, and is for women who have given birth or women over the age of 30. If you have not given birth and are over the age of 30, then I don’t know what to tell you.

When I looked at all of the feminine products I was packing for my trip to Mexico, I knew something had to change. I love that the DivaCup supports my “pack light” initiative. So here is my play-by-play for the DivaCup.

7:00 pm
I sit on the toilet, and open the box. Inside is the DivaCup, instructions, and a pouch to store it when not in use. The instructions say to wash hands and the DivaCup thoroughly, so I head over to the sink sans underwear.

Back on the toilet, I continue reading the instructions for insertion. I fold the DivaCup twice, insert, and turn it 360 degrees (more like 720 just to be sure!). I make sure the stem isn’t sticking out and then I compare the illustration to how it actually is in my body. I mentally evaluate if I can feel it or if it is uncomfortable. Yes, I can feel it. No, it is not uncomfortable.

7:09 pm
I eat a slice of king cake, and text #CountryBae.

7:26 pm
I still feel it. Surely, this isn’t right.

7:35 pm
I google “are you supposed to feel divacup.” The answer is no 😂.

7:37 pm
I go back to the toilet, and try again. I definitely didn’t insert it correctly the first time because it was starting to slide out a bit. I remove it and notice that it caught a droplet of blood. I reinsert. I can still feel it, but not as much as before.

7:46 pm
I eat another slice of king cake, and text #CountryBae.

7:59 pm
I walk around for a moment, and realize that I don’t feel a thing. VICTORY!

10:52 pm
I start getting ready for bed and decide that I don’t want to sleep with this thing inside of me. I decide to remove it. I’m supposed to grab the stem of it and sort of wiggle it out, but it has slid in a bit, so I have to use my kegels to push it down a bit in order to reach the stem. I grab the stem and gently pull until it is out. Continue reading

Dating Chronicles: Ghosting

img-6774Dating can take a toll.

I’m in my late 20s, and it seems like all of the good ones are already taken. All I am left with are bums with no ambition that live with their moms, have baby mama drama, are highly insecure, don’t have any stability, and don’t have any potential for being a quality man. Had I known that this would be the crop from which I would pick, I would have done a lot more “thot shit” in my college years.

The pickings were slim, and the crop was not even worth harvesting. It was draining to go through the motions of dating just for it to result in a waste of time and a wasted pump of NARS foundation. After the umpteenth failed date, it just all seemed to frustrating. My breaking point came in the form of Daniel*.

Daniel came out of nowhere. (Sidenote: I say this a lot about men, but it’s true. I don’t look for them, and they always see me first.) It was phantasmaghorical! He told me that he was gonna be my future bae when we had our first conversation, and I laughed at his attempt to run game. He said he was serious. I rolled my eyes at his attempt to spit game and kept it moving.

We had our first date. He was so dreamy, so handsome. so polite, so soft-spoken, such a gentleman, so swagged out, so intellectual, so mellow, such a man. I was giddy like a school girl, and couldn’t stop smiling and giggling after I got home. My cheeks were hurting from cheesing so hard.

Although I was excited about the possibilities, he scared the shit out of me.

Being vulnerable is a struggle for me. especially after wasting so much time on lames. I just didn’t know what he was doing here, how he got here, what his purpose was in my life, and how long he would be here. I was filled with so much nervous energy because of him. Everything about him was so genuine and kind and calm. I just kept thinking the worst. Something had to be wrong with him because he was too good to be true. Something bad must have been about to happen because everything was too perfect. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but I was willing to let my guard down a bit.

But things continued to go well. I was smitten by it all. Every inch of him. The way his hands touched and caressed me. The way his kiss was so passionate. The way he was so soft spoken about it all. The way he knew what he liked. He had me thinking about changing my player ways! I had three other dudes in my rotation. Seriously though, I didn’t know how he found me, but I was glad he did. I didn’t know where he came from, but I was glad he was there now. He was right on time and when I expected the least.

I have a lot of energy to put out into this world as triple fire sign (Aries sun, Sagittarius moon, Leo rising), but he gave me a bit more balance because he was mellow. He was so caring and so nurturing. He checked on me everyday when I travelled without him to Miami, and made me pray with him at the airport before I left. He was praying man! Maybe I got everything I asked for and needed in a caramel-colored package.

Fast forward a few months.

I was not ready. He set me up 😂. He came over one night with the romantic Spotify playlist, and was ready to eat the box and get cuffed. He asked to make it official. We discussed expectations in detail, and I told him I was scared. He said he understood. He explained that there would be some ups and downs, but questioned how we could appreciate the ups without the downs. I asked what he wanted and he said me. I told him I wanted respect and honesty. He said he already gives me that. True. #FutureBae turned into #PresentBae. Sealed with a kiss – on both sets of lips.

And two weeks later, I got ghosted.
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The Charm of Dublin


Ireland isn’t on a lot of people’s wish lists, but I was eager to see the beauty of the country. After strutting my way through Amsterdam and Bruges, I made my way to Dublin on RyanAir. RyanAir probably wasn’t my best idea. It was a short trip, and I didn’t have any problems with being overcharged for luggage, but I couldn’t even find the check-in counter. Since I spent so much time walking around the terminal searching for it, I had to rush through the rest of Amsterdam’s airport with no time to take a break in a lounge.

Once, I arrived, I used Aircoach to get to my hotel in Ballsbridge. It was pretty simple, and I didn’t have to book in advance. Once I stepped out of the airport, they were located right out front and to the left. I told them where I was going, paid for my ticket, and waited about ten minutes for the bus to arrive. It cost €14 roundtrip, and there was a space under the bus to store the heavy luggage. The bus wasn’t crowded at all, and was pretty quiet. There was wifi, and a charging port.

One thing worth noting is that Ireland drives on the left side of the road. My brain never quite adapted to it, and I was always looking in the wrong lanes before I crossed the street. There was no way that I would have been able to drive in that country, but I noticed that a lot of travel packages to Ireland come with a rental car.

Navigating Ireland was pretty easy to do without a car. I mainly used the bus and taxis. There was a specific Leap card for tourists, which provided access to the buses and metro. The problem with this was it was only sold at certain places, and all of those places close around 5 pm. I wasn’t able to obtain one until my third day in Dublin because of this. The first day, I arrived right after it had closed. I spent my second day at the Cliffs of Moher, so wasn’t able to get it then either. They offer 1-, 3-, and 7-day cards, but I would do the math first to determine if it is even worth it. ​The buses run regularly, and I never had to wait more than five minutes for one to arrive. They were all pretty full, but not extremely crowded. I always had a seat.

Since, I couldn’t get a Leap visitor card, I chose to walk on the first two days. Sure, I could have taken a taxi, but my feet worked just fine. I strolled from Ballsbridge down to Temple Bar on my first night in the city. taking everything in. Dublin really is a gorgeous city. I did a musical pub crawl that first night. The concept was just what one would expect – traditional Irish music and several pints of beer at local pubs. There was even a special riverdance performance. I don’t drink beer, but I think I would have been more impressed if I did. Continue reading

A Day Trip to Cliffs of Moher


When I saw a photo of the Cliffs of Moher, I knew I needed to visit Ireland. It was just beautiful, and I wanted to witness it for myself. While I was in Dublin, booked the Cliffs Of Moher, Atlantic Edge Ocean Walk & Galway City Day Tour with Wild Rover tours. The bus was equipped with wifi, and our guide was entertaining. He walked down the bus and chatted with every passenger. We spoke for a while about the beauty of Haiti, and the time he got high in Jamaica and almost missed his bus.

They don’t mention this in the tour description, but we stopped for a break at the Obama gas station before we arrived at the cliffs. I didn’t know this was a thing, as I was entertained by the fact that it existed in the Irish countryside.

When we arrived at the cliffs, our tour guide recommended that we walk to the area with the best view right away in case the weather worsens. The hazy fog blocked any clear view of the cliffs, and I was disappointed because that was the most convincing reason for me to visit Ireland. I kept walking along the trail, glancing at the sky every once in a while. The haze was moving slowly, but I could tell that clear skies were approaching.

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A Day Tour to Northern Ireland


I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t know Northern Ireland was a part of the U.K. and not Ireland. So when our tour bus was halfway to our destination, I was surprised to hear the tour guide announce something about having our passports. My heart sunk immediately because I didn’t bring it. I’m usually good about these types of things, but I didn’t know it was needed. What were they going to do? Throw me off the bus at the border? Shouldn’t that have been something they checked before I even got on the tour bus?

“Oh, shit!” the guy seated next to me exclaimed as he turned to his wife to announce that he didn’t bring the family’s passports with him. I didn’t feel so bad at that moment. At least I’d be sitting at the border with other people. I realized at that moment that the entire bus had gotten silent because no one had their passports with them.

“I’m just kidding!” our tour guide said in an Irish accent after a long pause, and there was a huge sigh of relief all over the bus. A distinct border between Ireland and Northern Ireland didn’t even exist. Bruh, you can’t play with people’s emotions like that!

My trip to Northern Ireland with Wild Rover tours included a trip to Giants Causeway, Belfast City & Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge. I normally don’t use tours because I like to go at my own pace, and I like to visit an attraction before the busload of tourist arrive. However, I used this company for Northern Ireland and my trip to the Cliffs of Moher as well. One thing I noticed about Wild Rover was that they had problems overbooking. There were two pickup locations in Dublin for the tours, but the bus usually filled up at the first location. There was an instance where a couple that arrived at the second location couldn’t do the tour because the bus was already filled. They were furious because they had already paid and planned for the day. The guide explained that the company had seen a surge in bookings, and hadn’t been handling it well. The issue may have been resolved by now, but I would arrive early to the first pickup location just in case.

When we made a break stop at a gas station on our way to Belfast, our tour guide recommended we buy something for lunch there because of the time constraints and the lack of available food options at the causeway. There was a restaurant at Giant’s Causeway, but he warned that they moved slowly and most of the time would have been spent eating lunch and not viewing the causeway. I heeded his warning and grabbed a random sandwich.

The first part of the tour started in Belfast. There was the option to take the black taxi tour or visit the Titanic museum. I chose the black taxi tour without a second thought because I hadn’t had any interest in the Titanic since fourth grade. Everyone except for the family seated behind me took the black taxi tour as well.

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