Early Voting and Finding Comfort in Another Country

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early voting

I early voted today!

This election cycle has been the worst, and I’ve been over it since 2015. It is the third time that I’ve been eligible to vote in a presidential election, but I don’t ever recall being fed up with everything and everyone. I have the mindset that the peoples’ opinion don’t matter, but I vote in every election because of how hard others fought for that civil right. Politicians aren’t in those positions to serve their constituents. It’s all about themselves. The few who do care get eaten alive.

Early voting is always a good idea because the lines during Election Day voting are always long at my polling place. I live in a red state, so my vote for president doesn’t really matter. Trump is taking Louisiana without a doubt, so I was more focused on the senate and representative races. I don’t have any political affiliation, but Trump taking Louisiana so easily has made me consider moving to a swing state in the future. Not a single person solicited my vote. It’s all so surreal. I don’t belong in a world where former KKK leader, David Duke, is an option on a ballot. I just don’t deserve this.

One of the questions that has been asked regularly in my travel communities is, “If you decided to leave America due the election results, to which country would you move?” My answer has always been the same: I’m not going anywhere.

First of all, I can’t give up access to high speed internet, and access to fine black American men. Mainly, access to fine black American men. Yummy!

Second of all, there’s no place like home. Despite all of the -isms – racism, sexism, and classism, I have adjusted to this place.

Last but not least, my ancestors have paid my dues to dwell on this land, and I have every right to call USA my home. I come from generations of farmers, and I refuse to leave a country that my greats nurtured and fed for centuries just because some political nonsense.

If shit started popping off and I had to go, I’d imagine I’d go to Panama or Ghana. It would be great to dwell in a country that hasn’t been infiltrated with European standards, but uhhhh… That’s not happening. I’d have to settle for good weather, safe environment, and low cost of living. That is all hypothetical. What I’m really settling for is whoever wins this presidential election.

But can I just say that my state has the best “I Voted” stickers of all time?! Look at the blue dog!

george rodrigue

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