Marcus and I did not last very long. He wanted something serious, and I just wanted my freedom to do whatever whenever. We had some good times, though. I guess I’ll see him next lifetime.

One evening he drove to see me after visiting with his mom. He got to my apartment and we hopped in my car to go and buy a few groceries. I didn’t usually drive but he asked me to chauffeur him that day for no apparent reason. I agreed because I’m down with reciprocity. Especially since he was about to cook for me.

On the way to the grocery store, he realized he had his mom’s credit card and needed to bring it back to her. He turned to me from the passenger side and asked, “Do you mind driving to her house real quick?”

His mom lived in the hood. while I lived all the way on the other side of town. Of course I minded, but I agreed as I thought about that food he was going to prepare later. I drove to his mom’s home on the north side of the city, and I sat in the car with the doors locked while he walked inside to give his mom back her card. To occupy my time, I browsed social media. Next thing I knew, someone was tapping on my window.

I jumped because I was not paying attention, and this was unfamiliar territory. It was Marcus tapping on my window. As I lowered the window after being startled, he told me to get down.

“My family wants to meet you,” he stated gently.

*Record scratch*

I don’t know how to hide facial expressions so I’m sure he knew what I was thinking. I told him no. I was looking tore up. That was not the way to present myself to anyone for the first time. He insisted and I refused again.

Now listen. I knew that meeting the family means nothing to some. My brother and I fall into that category. We have brought so many people home to our mom who we never considered to be “the one” because it was not a big deal to us. Everybody got to meet mom, and we all would reminisce about it and laugh about it after the fact.

“Whatever happened to that girl you brought over with the side ponytail that was nervous about meeting ma?” I would ask my brother.

“Aww, she’s dating a drug dealer now.”

This guy did not think like that. His family was everything to him, and they were all very close. Meeting family was a big deal to him, and something that he didn’t do for any girl. I felt like I should have been flattered but I wasn’t. We were cool, but we were not “meet the parents” cool. Even though I don’t care about him in that way, I still care about first impressions. I was wearing my work clothes – business casual – but it was a lazy outfit that I threw on because I was running late and knew I wouldn’t be leaving my office to see anyone.

He was not letting this go. I asked who was all in the house. 😂 Typical introvert move.

But I went anyway. I walked inside and his WHOLE family was there. Mother, sisters, brothers, in-laws, cousins, and friends of the family. Bish, what?! I didn’t even know where they all parked because there were only two other cars in the driveway, but this was a house full of negros.

I then realized this was all planned, and I got set up. 😂😂😂😂

They stared me up and down and smiled. They were a really nice family, and not in a superficial manner. Very lighthearted. I felt welcomed for the most part, and I got invited to the next family vacation in Texas by Marcus’ oldest sister. I smiled at the offer, knowing that I would decline. Family vacations are for bae, and I am not that.

Back in the car and on the way to the grocery store, I turned to him. “Yo, did you plan this shit?!” I wasn’t mad since it didn’t result in a horrible situation. It was kind of funny.

He smiled and asked “What do you mean?” with a southern drawl.

“You know what I mean!” I say in a high-pitched voice.

​He smiled and winked. I had the best meal of the year that night.

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