Every Saturday on Plaza San Jacinto in the San Angel neighborhood of Mexico City, artists gather to display and sell their designs. Here, one can find just about anything like pottery, paintings, jewelry, perfume, purses, clothing, food, and other handmade trinkets. The prices vary by vendor and level of skill, but there is something available within anyone’s price range. It really is the perfect place to find a souvenir or that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, so I encourage all visitors of Mexico City to check it out.

The weather on the day of my visit was perfect, and I could have easily spent the entire afternoon browsing each vendor’s offerings. The main attractions were in an indoor area, but there were vendors outside in the park as well. Several of the vendors had signs posted about photography being unallowed, so I respected their wishes. Take my word for it, though. The pieces available for purchase were phenomenal.

I’m not a big fan of jewelry, but I was in awe of some of the designs. I purchased a bracelet and a piece of pottery at reasonable prices, but I would have considered purchasing much more if I had the available space in my luggage.

Spending an afternoon browsing art can be exhausting, but there were restaurants and street food vendors on site as well. The smells coming from the restaurant inside the bar was really good, and it looked like a great place for a meal. I had already enjoyed brunch at San Angel Inn before I arrived, but I did buy a frozen mango treat that was very refreshing.

Below are some photos of the areas outside in the park.







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