While I was in Amsterdam, I stayed at a cool hotel named CityHub in the Old-West section of the city. I don’t know if I’ve ever said it before, but my ass is old. I’m too old to be staying anywhere that requires a shared/community bathroom because humans are nasty and act like they weren’t raised right. I took an exception for CityHub because the hubs looked so cool, and I was all about the ambiance.

My flight to Amsterdam was cancelled several times, so I arrived a day and a half later than expected. The host who greeted me as I walked in with a million pounds of luggage was so warm and welcoming, and she just knew that I was exhausted since I had a long journey after dealing with four flight cancellations. She rushed me over to my hub location so that I could get my rest. In a normal circumstance, I would have selected my own hub, but one of the hosts checked me into a room when I notified them of my late arrival. The hub was tucked away in a quiet corner all the way in the back of the facility, and I was grateful for it. I would have been quite annoyed to be on the main hallway amongst a lot of foot traffic.

There were 50 hubs, and I had a bottom hub that included a double comfortable bed, Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, and usb outlets to charge one’s phone. The room had storage shelves, but there were extra large lockers available for anything that didn’t fit. My large checked luggage and my carryon were both able to fit in the hub, and I still had room to stand and take a few steps.

Sure, the hub was small, but the beyond the hub was the commons area that allowed me to hang with other guests.

The room also came with a comfortable kimono to wear when heading from the hub to the shower. The coolest aspect of the room for me was the mood lighting, which was controlled with the use of the CityHub app.

With the app, you can contact the host on duty, and ask for recommendations or any questions. I used the app to set the lighting to “disco” mode, and I had full blown photoshoot and video shoot in my hub on evening. as the lights flickered from color to color. It reminded me of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” I’m low key upset that I didn’t make a video with that song playing in the background.

So about the bathroom situation: The toilet room was always clean. The shower room was a mess sometimes. I walked in one morning to see what looked like barf in one of the sinks. Upon closer inspection, it was Ramen noodles that someone tried to throw down the drain rather than in the trash. A few of the sinks drained slow. The rain shower was very nice. It’s best to get to the shower room early because it can get crowded between 9 and 11 with ladies getting prepared for the day. The toilet and shower rooms are all separated by gender, by the way. There’s no co-ed showering available.

Another cool perk of staying at CityHub was that it gave me a portable wifi that worked all over The Netherlands. I didn’t need to purchase a sim card or get a data plan with my phone company because of this, so I saved a few dollars. Did I also mention the wristbands? Yes, instead of a key, guests open doors with an RFID wristband. There are also various vending machines that guests can use their wristbands to purchase items like beer or shower slippers. At the end of the stay, the charges from the wristband are billed to the credit card on file.

The only thing that could have made it better was climate control. I like to control my own room temperature because I usually like it cooler than normal. It felt so stuffy in the mornings as I got dressed, and I found myself throwing my sheets off my body in the middle of the night. I understand how climate control for 50 small hubs might not be feasible, but it really could have change that experience for me.





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