Dating Chronicles: The Set Up II

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Here’s the deal: I don’t like kids. I don’t want kids. I won’t have kids. The only time I like them is when they are nice, calm, quiet, and respectful. Since that happens rarely, I’d rather do without them in my life entirely. I have no doubts in my mind about this. I don’t despise them; I just would rather not be around them. Being around someone else’s kids is out of my comfort zone.

Keith had a daughter who was three years old that he never saw due to “baby mama drama.” There are two sides to every story, and I didn’t know the story of the mother.

Well, for some odd reason, Keith’s biggest fantasy was to spend time with his daughter and someone that he cared about (me at the time) altogether. But he was so afraid to bring his daughter around me because he knew how I felt about children. No sweat off my back. I was not interested in the proposition anyway. He was highly furious at the idea that I was not interested in spending time with him and his daughter.

He invited himself over to my apartment one evening. I say okay, thinking we were going to do grown up things. I got a knock on my door. I unlocked and opened the door without even looking through the peephole to see who was on the other side. I expected to see Keith’s sexy self grinning at me. And I did. Not only did I see Keith, standing in front of him was an adorable girl with long black pigtails and a smile inherited from her father.

I smiled back and said hello, but inside my head I was screaming, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I was standing there freshly showered, moisturized, smelling good, and wearing no underwear. I knew I was wrong for this. I knew it was selfish, but I did not care.

We all sat on the couch with Velvet in the middle of us. It was past her bedtime, but she was filled with toddler energy. Velvet did not use words and was in speech therapy. Instead, she grunted and pointed or cried. More often than not, she cried. When Keith got loud and assertive with her, she cried louder. It was painful to watch Keith interact with his daughter who was the light of his life, but who he sees rarely. This was the first time he had saw Velvet in six months, and it was only because her mom thought she was with Keith’s sister. Velvet’s mom trusted his sister more and was less petty towards her.

As a childless woman, I had no place to critique his parenting, so I said nothing. Instead, I sat and watched him annoy easily and react swiftly. He was out of his element as a father, and I was out of my element as an innocent bystander. They stayed for a while and had dinner before they left for the night. Later Keith called to complain.

“You acted like you didn’t even want us there!” he proclaimed.

That was not true. Considering the fact that this was a set up, I thought I handled it well. I smiled and greeted her every time we made eye contact. What more did he expect? Was I supposed to snatch her up in my arms and sing lullabies? Whatever he wanted to happen did not, and he was highly disappointed. He decided to end things, but insinuated that he wanted me to apologize and fight for a relationship. I did not feel obligated to do either. That was the end of us.

Tune in next month for more dating chronicles.

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