It’s a celebration!

I began my blogging as a young middle school girl in the ancient era of the internet on GeoCities. Remember that? I used to publish all of my poems there, and I’m sure no one ever read them. The viewership was never the point of doing it; I was just happy to have a place of my own. I feel the same way today as I make my 100th post on my latest e-crib, Being Jessica.

I’ve had a few other blog sites since the days of GeoCities faded away, but Being Jessica seems to be here to stay. I’ve mentioned it before, but the whole purpose of this blog is to have a space to share my story. I don’t want anyone else to tell my story for me, and Being Jessica is where I give the world access to me. I don’t intend on every having sponsored posts or sharing my latest experiences from press trips because I don’t value social media enough to have a strong following as an “influencer.” At any rate, I’m happy to be here at 100 posts. What a milestone!

Let’s take a look back and some of the posts that allowed me to get here. Here are Being Jessica’s top five posts according to page views:

  1. I Watched All 80 Episodes of the Celia Telenovela and I Still Cannot Speak Spanish
  2. Accutane as an Adult: The Results
  3. The Havana Diaries: The Arrival
  4. The Cartagena Journals: Salsa Lessons and Yellow Fever Vaccines
  5. A Desert Safari in Dubai

Here are the posts that I personally select as my top five in no particular order:

  1. A Day in Lisbon’s Ghetto
  2. The Scarlet Letter: A For Abortion
  3. Peru Won My Heart
  4. Lazy Days in Curaçao
  5. 30 Things I Learned by Age 30

Thank you to all of my viewers and subscribers – the lurkers and the non-lurkers alike. Cheers to my 100th post, and cheers to many more to come.

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