Scenes from Art Basel

I walked in Art Basel knowing I wouldn’t like it. The main reason I went was because of guilt. The main event during Miami Art Week was Art Basel. The common name for the week as actually Art Basel weekend. I did not feel right by visiting for the first time and not attending the namesake event. So I headed to the Miami Convention Center, and paid the ticket price of $50 to view all things beautiful, weird, and thought-provoking.

The vibe of Art Basel was a lot more snooty than Scope. I didn’t even try to see everything since it was so huge and so crowded. Instead I wandered from row to row, wishing I was somewhere else.

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Scenes from Scope Art Fair

Scope was lit. A friend told me it was the place to be, so I Ubered over to Ocean Drive right on the beach where the white temporary tent held contemporary art from around the world. I admired so many of the pieces there, and the overall laidback vibe was more my speed. Art Basel was blah. I doubt I will ever go there again, but Scope? Man, listen. I’ll be there next year – God willing. I was there for about two hours, and that was me in a rush. I genuinely could have spent half of my day there admiring the artistry, asking questions, and soaking in everything.

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My absolute favorite piece from the entire weekend was this piece at Scope. As soon as I turned glanced around the wall and saw it, I was in awe. Too bad my bank account couldn’t afford the $19,000 price tag.

Scenes from Prizm Art Fair

I only attended three art fairs while on a short trip to Miami, and Prizm was the one that I looked forward to the most. It was hosted in Little Haiti, and featured contemporary artists from the African Diaspora. When I arrived early Saturday midmorning, I was one of a handful of spectators viewing the art. That left me with more time to study each piece (and take ridiculous selfies). I put two hours aside to enjoy Prizm, but I actually stayed for less than an hour. There were awe-inspiring pieces, but not many as I expected as far as quantity. I have every intention of returning to Miami Art Week next year, but I’ll probably skip Prizm. This decision isn’t because I didn’t enjoy myself. Moreso because there a so many other art fairs that I have yet to see.

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