Last Moments in Belize

In the event of a woman being found murdered in the Mopan River, I decided not to take my scheduled self-guided tour to the Xunantunich ruins. That plus the fact that I was exhausted from my previous trip to Tikal. The final mornings were very cool with temperatures in the 50s, so I slept with two blankets and the windows closed. It warmed up by the time I got up and decided to get dressed. I missed breakfast, and had garnaches and escabeche for lunch. Garnaches are simply fried tortilla topped with refried beans and cheese. Escabeche is an onion soup with chicken in a spicy broth, and really need to learn how to make this at home. All of the food at Clarissa Falls was delectable.



I hung around most of the time along the Mopan River just listening to the tranquil sounds of the water. There were so many activities available for me to try while at Clarissa Falls, but I didn’t have time to do them all. Jungle tours, herbal medicine tours, bird-watching, river rafting, tubing, swimming, The family can also organize trips to Mayan ruins at better rates than one would pay if attempting to book oneself.

Mopan River

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You Better Belize It!

Mopan River Belize

I just returned from a delightful time in the country of Belize. This marked my first international excursion for 2016, and my first visit to the Central American country. Belize and Panamá were the only Central American countries on my travel list. I crossed out Panamá in 2015, so when the opportunity presented itself to head to Belize (i.e., a reasonably priced flight), I took it. My mom wasn’t too thrilled about it. When I told her I was going, her exact words were, “somebody’s gonna kidnap yo ass.”

My arrival at the BZE airport went very quickly. I went through immigration and customs in 7 minutes. The immigration officer didn’t even speak to me. Buster! There were about 8 people ahead of me in the immigration line, and it moved quickly. There’s 3 or 4 lines for arriving visitors, with 2 agents working each line. I glanced behind me as I left, and the line had gotten very long, so I somehow lucked out with my placement and the timing was just right so that I didn’t have to wait.

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to go through baggage claim. That would have been another wait. Yes for #teamcarryon! I continued on to customs which went even quicker. There were 2 people ahead of me, but I don’t think I stood there for 7 full seconds. The officer took my passport and declaration form, asked where I was going, signed it, and sent me on my way. I took about 7 steps and was outside the airport where my driver, Modesto, was waiting for me.

I booked a shared shuttle transfer via Viator in order for the 2-hour journey from the airport to the Clarissa Falls Resort just outside of San Ignacio. I’m not a beachy person, so a visit to the cayes didn’t really entice me. Staying inland near Mayan ruins and in the midst of locals was more my speed, so I chose to stay in the Cayo district. Modesto offered to stop for bathroom breaks, snacks, and an ATM on the way. The USD is widely accepted in the country, but I felt that I should have some of the local currency, especially since I was staying inland rather than at some of the more touristy cayes. Queen Elizabeth is the face of Belizean currency. Although the country obtained their independence in 1981, she is still considered the official Queen of Belize. She’s only visited the country twice, her last visit being in the 90s.

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