Peru Won My Heart

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Peru, yet here we are. February was one of the worst months to visit certain areas of the country due to rainy season, but I booked the flights prior to knowing. When I discovered this, I got concerned. My research originally told me that it would be the perfect time to visit Lima, the only Peruvian city I planned to visit at the time. I later added some extra time to my visit, and was able to get to Cusco and Aguascalientes. Would you believe that I only experienced five minutes of rain my entire trip? The travel gods were on my side! Here were some of my highlights.


I didn’t have a bad meal in Peru. My notable favorites were Arroz con Mariscos and Ceviche at Cafe Morena in Cusco, and churros at LA73 in Lima. I had coca tea with every meal in Cusco because I was concerned with altitude sickness, but I transitioned to pisco sours with every meal once I reached the lower altitude in Lima! I enjoyed chifa (Chinese cuisine with a Peruvian twist), but I didn’t have the nerve to try cuy (guinea pig).


In Lima, I booked a street art tour of the Barranco neighborhood with Tailored Tours Peru. Brenda was a bright and fabulous guide who knew the history of the street art and the artists that completed the work. We wandered around Barranco, a hip neighborhood with bohemian vibes that some refer to as Lima’s Brooklyn. I loved the energy of the neighborhood and the art surrounding it. It was where I chose to stay in during my visit, and despite feeling safe while there, Barranco is still in progress. We witnessed a fight on one of the streets involving about three men and a woman, and a woman walked out of her home to make sure we knew to be careful with showing off our camera.

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