A Weekend in Zagreb

I’m not ashamed to admit I am a planner. When I travel anywhere, I make sure I have a jam-packed itinerary even if I know I won’t experience half of the activities I listed. So when I booked a flight Zagreb, Croatia departing three days after confirming, it was out of my character. Three days was not enough time to research and develop a list of activities that included some of those “must visit” places and “must eat” restaurants. This was something I would normally spend months doing to ensure a pleasant trip. Although I was accustomed to being well-informed about a location, the spontaneity of the trip forced me to accept that I cannot be in control of every experience.


My flight into Zagreb arrived late at night, and I took an Uber to my hostel. Subspace Hostel was similar to a hostel I stayed in while in Amsterdam, so I looked forward to the staying in another capsule. It was true to its listing, but it wasn’t my favorite experience. The check-in didn’t go very well, but the woman was very nice. Things were going fine until she asked for payment, but I had already paid in full when I made the reservation.

The hostel didn’t appear to have an adequate software system that could track all of the bookings. I was listed as reserved, but the woman at the check-in counter couldn’t verify that I already paid. I had my confirmation email and my credit card app available on hand to prove I paid at the time of the reservation and the amount was charged to my account. She checked my confirmation a couple of times, but was still unsure. She reassured that everything would be fine, but I wasn’t worried about it at all because I knew my end of things were taken care of. It was their system that needed to be corrected. Eventually, she showed me to my capsule and told me that she would contact me in the morning if there were still any unresolved issues.

The actual capsule was fine, but the air circulation inside was loud. If I turned them off, I got very stuffy. I wasn’t a fan of the showers and toilets either. The cleanliness could be improved, and the design didn’t seem as innovated as I imagined it would be. I did enjoy the location of the hostel, though. Continue reading